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In this game you assume the role of a tentacle spawn of Mother Tentacle and your mission is to collect Lust Essence for her by battling heroines. At first they will be stronger and you will most likely die, but worry not! As you collect Lust Essence, newer generations will get stronger!

Current state: The demo is very outdated. Will upload a new one during this month. https://bbsoft.itch.io/heroine-hunting/devlog/118195/im-not-dead-and-the-game-is...

Download demo

*DEMO* Heroine Hunting 0.3.7z 50 MB

Development log


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Last comment about versions were about a year ago, and still nothing new here. Whats going on, is the Finally Finish Something 2019 being considered as a lost cause?


Hey, sorry for the late reply. I tried to reply as soon as I got the notification but got a server error from itch then google chrome went crazy with security issues making me change my passwords for everything. I'm going to make a blog post to explain better the state of the game but in short, no, the game is not dead.

what are the controls? i cant find a way to actually play the game.

Hi, arrow keys move the cursor in the menus or switches between the cave exit and Mom. Z: accepts, X: Cancel. During battle A opens the attack menu. You choose an action first and when the action bar is full it executes the action automatically. Sorry, since it's pretty early demo it doesn't have much help info in it.

It has stopped downloading 4 times, so I am unable to check out your game.

Weird... have you been able to download anything else here on itch?

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Yes if the program resides with Mega.  Today, I have not been able to download from  ichio at all.

This is what it looks like when it fails

Heroine Hunting 0.3.7z Failed - Network error


ok, you say new genereations, but how do you do that, or has that not been put in yet?


Yeah, it's not. That version is just a  barebones battle system.  I just added the improving passive abilities system and I'm currently working on the whole win/lose events, including the generations change. Most likely will update the demo when it's running smooth and it's time to start working on the art department :O